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Telefoon fietshouder

Instructie montage telefoon fietshouder.

Originally, the first HangUp®was created for private use. Currently the HangUp®Company sold thousands of these easy to use holders, not only for first generation smart phones but also later versions and even for tablets and navigation devices.


All types of holders have one thing in common, a simple but unique and easy to use system to hang up your devices in the car.

Although it is a very cost effective system, the material is of high quality and promises a long time satisfactory use. Each individual HangUp®model is patented and is produced in a Dutch factory.

What is our current position?

HangUp celebrated their first lustrum this fall, 2016. To our joy our market is expanding more and more outside the Benelux to other countries in Europe and even beyond Europe. Also for the rest of the world HangUp®is an interesting alternative to existing products. This means there are many possibilities for further development and growth in coming years

Any questions or suggestions?

We like to hear from you if you have any questions but also if you have suggestions about our products. Sometimes our customers have very innovative and creative ideas and we welcome your input. Please feel free to contact us by email but you can also reach us by telephone during office hours.


Tel: +31 6 133 11 522